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Era releases brand new album ‘Rosita'

Era releases brand new album ‘Rosita'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 11th August 2021

Era releases brand new album ‘Rosita' Photograph

Super talented artist Era - taps into his dream-like creative nature to deliver the new album ‘Rosita’.

Era’s rich-toned, synchronised harmonies and tranquil vibe all contribute to the warm feel of the album. Era made sure to make room for some honourable features such as Rot Ken, TyFontaine, Sabrina Lee and Lilspirit - all artists add a different perspective and soothing sound to Era’s mind capturing storytelling.

Rosita takes listeners on a journey it starts on a broken path then transcends to a new chapter of peace and finding acceptance in pain. The album’s hazy vibe makes it perfect for a late-night drive.

Southside highlights Era’s emptiness; it is a battle of wanting someone, but knowing their love is damaging. The song depicts the raw reality of falling in love with the wrong person. “Everything You Can Imagine’s pounding drum beat is coated with echoes of mediative thoughts and dreamy distorted vocals. “Carry you up” is the last feature on the album he expresses the depth of his weaknesses and how he wants to be the perfect man for his lover “I’ll the take the place of anyone who’s not enough”

The last three tracks of ‘Rosita’ are glazed with Era’s fluffy vocals, undeniable daydreams and bittersweet memories. Era’s lyrical flexibility is impressive; every lyric feels heartfelt. The 23-year-old from Tucson, Arizona, is now working independently and pushing a new sound. Fans can look forward to any new projects.