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. @GrammyLuss unveils brand new music video ‘No Angels’

. @GrammyLuss unveils brand new music video ‘No Angels’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 16th August 2021

. @GrammyLuss unveils brand new music video ‘No Angels’ Photograph

Produced by Joe Craze, ‘No Angels’ is a flashback to a traumatic night documenting Luss’s arrest at a peaceful protest. The single glides on a 808 beat - The Bronx New York artist is in tune with his mellow silky vocals. Luss’s vocals create a dream-like feel that allows you to tap into a reflective state; each line smoothly bounces off the other. The siren's sound effects webbed into the song resembles the police and echoes how the incident invades Luss’s mind.

The melancholy feel of the track mirrors Luss’s emotions after the arrest “I spent almost 14 hours arrested, no water, no food, with injuries and once I got out I needed a way to express myself I was carrying a lot with me, and I was just trying to act like everything was okay when deep down I felt defeated.” After becoming a solo artist, Luss is ready to showcase his musical skills to the world! Be sure to check out ‘No Angels’.

Luss is a singer-songwriter from the Bronx, NY, gaining inspiration from his dad, a musician. Luss has been able to tour the world with different bands and help many artists create songs and has now decided to take all of those experiences and become a solo artist. Blending R&B, soul, Pop, & hip-hop, Luss created a song that is truly his own.

Listen to the full track below: