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Ossai returns with brand new single 'On The Moon'

Ossai returns with brand new single 'On The Moon'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 23rd August 2021

Ossai returns with brand new single 'On The Moon'  Photograph

A rising talent on the afrobeat circuit, Ossai delivers another slice of pure summer vibes in the form of his latest EP ‘Fiji’s World’, featuring stand out single ‘On The Moon’.

Boasting twinkling synths, peppered percussion and glossy production by Brym, Jiggy Yb and Godsnoize, Ossai’s repertoire always masters the meeting of calm melodies with an infectious groove, and ‘On The Moon’ comes as no exception. His signature subdued delivery softly switches into a striking vocal display, with the Nigerian singer-songwriter proving once again why he has been raising intrigue this past year. Tracing back to his childhood, the track’s lyrics unveil an emotional depth to Ossai, touching on the struggles that his family faced whilst he was growing up. "Fiji's World" paints a vivid picture of my life” he explains. “Highlighting the good and the bad, this project is the way I choose to tell my story. I grew up in a family of 5 that didn't have much and music gave me solace in all the chaos”.

Ossai, also known as Daniel Ossai, currently resides in Toronto, where he has become a promising pioneer in the Canadian Afro community. Acquiring an aptitude for creating music that fuses his cultural sounds with an array of genres including R&B and reggae, he has gone on to achieve monumental success with tracks such as ‘Mignolet’, which has racked up over 106,000 streams on Spotify alone. With plenty more releases planned in the pipeline, this is just the beginning for Ossai.

Photo Credit: Ogo Jonathon