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Professor Paws drops his brand new EP 'To The Bag'

Professor Paws drops his brand new EP 'To The Bag'

Author: Sarah Akomanyi | Tuesday 24th August 2021

Professor Paws drops his brand new EP 'To The Bag' Photograph

Having just arrived on the scene only 19 months ago, Professor Paws is already making a name for himself in the industry. From his first single, 'Southside Girl', he follows with his brand new EP To The Bag, which brings together a mixture of R&B and UK rap.

First track 'Southside Girl' has already seen success as a single but as the opening track it perfectly kicks things off with its melodic chorus and uplifting vibe. 'Sillionaire' brings the R&B influence to the forefront and is something that can be heard throughout.

'Gold Touch' takes us through the similarities between himself and King Midas. With this track, there is a combination of melodies and honest lyrics. And the final track 'To The Bag' is an extension of the first version which provides a lot more clarity for the listeners.

Speaking of influences, Professor Paws' Ghanaian and European heritage play a huge part in his music. Having grown up in different genres of music, Professor Paws' sound was shaped and her learned to navigate freely between one genre to another. This has seen him blend well with many artists already, seeing him work with the likes of Giggs, Fekky, Cash, and Grind.

With the release of To The Bag, listeners are able to see Professor Paws growth and influences.

Be sure to stream the EP on Spotify below!