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Tinie to host new Channel 4 show 'Outrageous Extensions'

Tinie to host new Channel 4 show 'Outrageous Extensions'

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Tuesday 24th August 2021

Tinie to host new Channel 4 show 'Outrageous Extensions' Photograph

Tinie is set to front new housing show Outrageous Extensions on Channel 4, a four-part series following Brits as they attempt to extend their homes. With the multi award-winning artist having done extensions on his own home, Tinie understands the stress and complications that comes along with doing modifications, making him a great person to offer up advice and support for fellow homeowners.

The projects set to feature on Outrageous Extensions will range between £500,000 to more than £1m, and Tinie will help to offer practical and design guidance to help people create their perfect extension.

I’ve always been really into architecture and design and have been lucky to witness and be a part of some amazing projects,” Tinie comments. “I can’t wait to see how these ambitious homeowners give their properties a 21st century shake up with the most extraordinary extensions.

Clemency Green, a commissioning editor for features at Channel 4, said: “This series is a whole new level of jaw-dropping home renovation.”

Outrageous Extensions will air on Channel 4 this autumn.