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. @MNELIAA returns with her brand new track 'My Bad'

. @MNELIAA returns with her brand new track 'My Bad'

Author: Sarah Akomanyi | Friday 27th August 2021

. @MNELIAA returns with her brand new track 'My Bad' Photograph

Mnelia returns with her brand new single 'My Bad', showing off her talent through both her vocals and lyrics. “Music was the only thing I was good at" muses Mnelia. With an R&B-inspired sound, Mnelia takes it back to the good old days, giving very much 90s vibes.

It's Mnelia's sound that makes her stand out from other artists in the UK and US.

Shot by Terry Paul, the visuals show the narrative of Mnelia escaping the hands of an ex-partner. The track is one that empowers anyone who finds themselves in a relationship that isn't right for them anymore. It's about knowing your worth and moving on.

Mnelia is embodying the evolution of British R&B as we’ve never seen it before. If 'My Bad' is anything to go by, listeners will be more than excited to hear what is next from Mnelia and the artist she intends to become- fierce, strong, and able to do it all.