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Mamy Dope drops new visuals to ‘Misfits’

Mamy Dope drops new visuals to ‘Misfits’

Author: Triston Macauley | Saturday 4th September 2021

Mamy Dope drops new visuals to ‘Misfits’  Photograph

Mamy Dope has come through with fresh visuals to 'Misfits'. The south London rapper tells a story through entertaining visuals and catchy bars referencing the TV show 'Misfits'.

Mamy Dope flows effortlessly over Miltz's hard-hitting instrumental, staying in the pocket of the beat the whole time, which creates an entertaining sound. The smoothness of the delivery will have you bopping your head throughout.

The vibe of 'Misfits' is upbeat and playful. The light-hearted nature of the bars keeps the track full of positive energy. As well as bringing positive energy, Mamy Dope tells the listener about his journey so far and how he deals with the realities of a young man. He does it in a way that references the popular TV show.

The entertaining visuals are fun to watch, coinciding perfectly with the upbeat banger. The video begins with Mamy taking a shot of liquor at the bar and instantly passing out. The visuals are blurry and discombobulated when he wakes up, showing us that he is on a wavey level. The effects show Mamy Dope with superpowers, sticking to the track's theme, 'Misfits'. Other scenes include the rapper in the orange 'Misfits' uniform and vibing in a luxurious car.

Mamy Dope is all about distinctive hooks and catchy flows, which will have you wanting to get up and bop to his bangers. 'Misfits' is no different.

Take in 'Misfits' here and let us know your thoughts.