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Mulii releases fresh ‘Demon Juice’ visuals

Mulii releases fresh ‘Demon Juice’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Saturday 4th September 2021

Mulii releases fresh ‘Demon Juice’ visuals  Photograph

Mulii has come through with a new banger titled ‘Demon Juice’. This one is upbeat and lively. Opting for a solid and hard-hitting drill beat, Mulii brings maximum energy through his sturdy and hype delivery. The chorus is solid and catchy- the type that would shell down raves and cause mosh pits. The verses follow similarly, as we hear Mulii rapping about drinking rum and getting the party turnt up.

‘Demon Juice’ has a party vibe due to the nature of the content. The track makes you want to grab a bottle of Wray & Nephew and get on a wave.

The visuals are simple and portray the theme of the song well. The drink Wray & Nephew features heavily in the video. We see the rapper, amongst others catching a vibe to the banger.

Mulii has ticked all the boxes in his latest instalment. This track is cruddy, hard, and he has made a sound you can turn up to. This is a track that would bang differently at a live performance.

With the energy and delivery Mulii brings, It is exciting to what the rapper will have to offer in the future.

Take in ‘Demon Juice’ here and let us know your thoughts.