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Finn Foxell delivers brand new track 'The Night'

Finn Foxell delivers brand new track 'The Night'

Author: Tom Dingley | Saturday 4th September 2021

Finn Foxell delivers brand new track 'The Night' Photograph

West London rapper Finn Foxell delivers his brand new track 'The Night' taken from his forthcoming EP 'Alright Sunshine'.

The brand new track from the Shepherd's Bush rapper comes from his upcoming EP 'Alright Sunshine' which is due to release later this year. Produced by Jacob Manson, ‘The Night’ is an anthem you can move to with a salsa inspired bassline and jazzy notes that will have you feeling as though you are on a late night dancefloor. The artwork shows Finn paying homage to Soul Jazz Records, a nod to his West London roots.

So, who is Finn Foxell? Since his first release way back in 2015, through his fusion of Rap, Soul and Rock with his thoughtful lyrics, he has been able to grow his fan base to where it is today. Through both his solo material and collaborations with his collective 'Elevation Meditation' (P-rallel, Lord Apex, Xav and Louis Culture), Finn and his peers have inspired a movement. Keeping things one hundred percent family this time round, the forthcoming project features members from the collective 'Elevation Meditation' only.

Finn Foxell's brand new track 'The Night' is out now to stream on Spotify and Apple Music so check it out for yourself and see waht you think.