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King Kofi releases brand new video ‘Ghetto’

King Kofi releases brand new video ‘Ghetto’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 9th September 2021

King Kofi releases brand new video ‘Ghetto’ Photograph

‘Ghetto’ gives insight into the world that King Kofi is from. King Kofi’s clear, calm, laid back delivery breaks down the bravado introduction of Ghetto. After releasing, viral track ‘White Boys’, which discusses the painful subject of shattered love due to their partner’s skin tone - Kofi is broken as his love interest only likes white boys.

The emerging singer-songwriter and rapper returns with his latest single, ‘The North London star, describes his’ thoughts and surroundings. Kofi talks: gangsters, losing friends, drug addicts and more. The lyrics are emotional yet showcase the artist’s undeniable wordplay “wearing a mask-like Jim Carey”.

Make sure to listen to the track below: