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Digga D releases fresh visuals to '2K17'

Digga D releases fresh visuals to '2K17'

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 9th September 2021

Digga D releases fresh visuals to '2K17' Photograph

Digga D has come through with new visuals to ‘2k17’. The west London rapper has put his own spin on Young boy NBA’s ‘Make No Sense’. Opting for a similar beat as the original, Digga D drops uses the same melody for his chorus version.

Just like the original, Digga D’s chorus is melodious and catchy. He adds entertainment to it through his witty bars. The verses from the rapper are straight and direct. In typical fashion, we hear his ridiculous use of flows along with some solid wordplay. The delivery added to the cruddy content makes for a greazy listen. When he raps, you cannot help but screw your face in approval.

The ‘2k17’ visuals are a simple watch, as Digga D portrays his fast and carefree life. The visuals are fun and lighthearted- matching the energy of the upbeat and melodious chorus.

Digga D has made a reputation for being raw and cut-throat in his music, and ‘2k17’ is no different. The rapper displayed his versatility by delivering a soft, tuneful, and cheerful-sound chorus, then switching it to hard-hitting and savage verses.