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Dr. B Bay returns with hip-hop classic ‘Checks’

Dr. B Bay returns with hip-hop classic ‘Checks’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 15th September 2021

Dr. B Bay returns with hip-hop classic ‘Checks’ Photograph

It’s easy to get caught up in doing the same thing time and time again in the hip-hop sphere, but with Houston born rapper and dentist (yes, you read that correctly), Dr. B-Bay, he has no trouble in switching things up. Heavily influenced by hip-hop culture and trends alike, he brings a fresh approach to his craft and has carefully created his own brand and repertoire.

‘Checks’ is the Dr’s latest delivery, and it’s everything you want from a modern hip-hop song. It’s hooky from the start, and B-Bay has no problem in providing those high tempo rhymes and lyrics that hit hard and close to home. There’s no doubting this rising rapper’s credentials, and why he can’t go right to the top.