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Mostack and mist are back with creative 'Frankenstein' visuals

Mostack and mist are back with creative 'Frankenstein' visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 23rd September 2021

Mostack and mist are back with creative 'Frankenstein' visuals  Photograph

Mist and MoStack have come through with a new banger titled ‘Frankenstein’. Every time these two rappers join forces, it is a must-listen, this is no different.

Spitting over a smooth Steel banglez’ production, Mist and MoStack go back-to-back with their calm and collected verses. When it comes to smooth and wavey melodies, there is not many better than MoStack. The artist drops them soft melodious verses that adds an upbeat vibe to the banger,
Mist comes through with his distinctive style as he drops light-hearted bars about sipping brandy and coming back from the dead.

The track is not too serious, something you would listen to whilst going out and just being on genuine on good vibes. The creative visuals portray that, as we see the rappers dressed up as monsters, sticking to the theme ‘Frankenstein’. We see Mist's rapping head served on a platter, a strange yet entertaining watch in one scene.

Mist and Mostack have done it again. They have come through with a tune where you can catch a vibe, and appreciate their musical and lyrical talent. Both rappers have a unique style that complements each other, making for an entertaining listen every time.

Check the track here and let us know your thoughts.