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RxL World release new track ‘Chauffeur

RxL World release new track ‘Chauffeur

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Saturday 25th September 2021

RxL World release new track ‘Chauffeur Photograph

UK duo RxL World returns with the new track Chauffeur; the track is amplified by its groovy drum beat and electric add-ons. The duos clear and smooth rap flow stirs an addicting vibe. Chauffeur’s rhythmic signature delivery make the track ideal for the club and even a late-night drive.

RxL World fuse an old-school afro sound but make it their own! When speaking about the track, the duo state, “The song is about making it known to a special lady that we are into, but it reverses the roles and allows her to decide where it goes. We switched the role in this song and disregarded the stereotypical social norms. Let’s have more women make important decisions.”

Be sure to check out Chauffeur.