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Tlona Tiabi releases brand new track ‘Never Ever Land’

Tlona Tiabi releases brand new track ‘Never Ever Land’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Saturday 25th September 2021

Tlona Tiabi releases brand new track ‘Never Ever Land’ Photograph

"Tlona Tiabi" pronounced (Tee-loan-uh / Tee-yah-be) is mastering his sound “Trap Soul”. Never Ever Land sails on a stripped-back mellow beat; its narrower mystic music production has a dreamy effect. The track is personal to the artist; his deep thinking and connection with his birthplace give insight into another world of relationship experiences involving family, friends, and lovers.

When speaking on Never Ever Land, TIona Tiabi states “"Never Ever Land" is about Tlona Tiabi's birthplace. NeverEverLand is a floating island in space where there are no boundaries. It is known as a place where positive escapism is a way of life. The people govern the island, and all live at peace with themselves & one another eternal life. Everything on the island is organic from the alkaline rivers, the psilocybin flowers and the THC clouds. Never Ever Land has numerous suns & moons which makes this difficult to keep track of time”.

The music video unlocks an ethereal illusion into TIona Tiabi’s creative process. Be sure to check out Never Ever Land.