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'Where’s Da Ops' season 2, episode 4 is here!

'Where’s Da Ops' season 2, episode 4 is here!

Author: Tevyn J | Saturday 25th September 2021

'Where’s Da Ops' season 2, episode 4 is here! As things continue to pick up with the net series, we continue to see the fall out from last season's happening play out, with Carter and AP's alliances still being figured out, and moves being made in the dark causing more and more devision as other plots in the story start to form.

The 19 minute episode sees the return of some more familiar faces from the prior season as well as some strong themes - as some hard choices are introduced, with characters thinking about leaving the game for their new borns and for more stability, while they youngers are being pushed to put more work in, as the episode comes to a close with a hit being carried out.

Watch the latest episode of 'Where’s Da Ops' season 2 below and let us know your thoughts on the episode via the comment section at the bottom of the page or via socials. What do you think will happen in episode 5? Find out biweekly as we get a brand new enstalment next Sunday!

If you missed an episode or want to go back and watch the full story unfold from season 1, all of the prior episode can be found via the 'Where's Da Ops' YouTube channel here.