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Bri 333 releases new track ‘Under Pressure’

Bri 333 releases new track ‘Under Pressure’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Tuesday 28th September 2021

Bri 333 releases new track ‘Under Pressure’ Photograph

Chicago’s very own Singer-songwriter Bri 333 releases the new track ‘Under pressure’. The talented artist uses her past trials and tribulations to express herself through music. Under Pressure explores the singers’ personal growth. Driven by a dreamy, echoed beat, it allows the story to cruise smoothly.

The relaxing vibe of the track fits Bri 333’s calm aura; she refuses to be a prisoner to any catastrophe and is committed to trusting herself more.

When speaking about the track, Bri 333 states, “Not everything in life is sweet, for me, my song Under Pressure means being able to handle chaos, learning how to use the negative energy people may project on you to power forward, becoming an alchemist of your own emotions and energy, and trusting your gut instincts.”