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Jaymaker delivers his brand new EP ‘All In Moderation’

Jaymaker delivers his brand new EP ‘All In Moderation’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Sunday 3rd October 2021

Jaymaker delivers his brand new EP ‘All In Moderation’ Photograph

The UK hip-hop scene has been going through a golden age these last few years, with numerous British names showing up their US counterparts at almost every opportunity, and now a new name on the scene is looking to continue that trend. Jaymaker is a new and upcoming name to arrive in recent months, and his latest EP ‘All In Moderation’ goes in hard right from the start. Despite only three tracks in length, each less than two minutes long, Jaymaker fires out one blistering bar after another, creating this quickfire flow that is distinctly his.

Taken from his regular freestyle sessions on his YouTube channel, these new addition make for an impressive listen as the rapper creates a diverse yet succinct energy that is rare to find. Talking about the EP, he said, “‘All In Moderation'; is an overview of my next two EPs ‘Live This Life’ and ‘Too Honest’. Being truly honest and realising that I don’t live that life but live this life. I’m honest about how I live my life.”

‘All In Moderation’ is set to be the first of three EP releases coming before the end of the year. And with a sound this good, we know the fire will keep on coming.