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FANG unleashes new track ‘T0p-M0del’

FANG unleashes new track ‘T0p-M0del’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 6th October 2021

FANG unleashes new track ‘T0p-M0del’  Photograph

Experimental artist FANG returns with new a track ‘T0p-M0del’; FANG, also known as Akira Evans, was born and raised in Studio City, Los Angeles. The artists’ unique twist is something we’ve never heard before. ‘T0p-M0del’s fast-paced electronic bass creates a sunken illusion.

FANG speaks on T0p model “it is a very hyper agro track that represents my ADHD in the most straightforward way of being all over the place”. The Los Angeles artist expresses his thoughts through a rhythmic party experience.

Be sure to check out ‘T0p M0del.