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Zach Grav Joins Huntizzy For New 'Golden Era Uk Rap' Episode

Zach Grav Joins Huntizzy For New 'Golden Era Uk Rap' Episode

Author: Tevyn J | Tuesday 12th October 2021

Video director Zach Grav sits down with UK Rap veteran Huntizzy in the latest episode of the 'Golden Era Uk Rap' series to shed light on his come up, what he's up to now and things he's learnt along the way.

Zach and Hunt reminisce on some of the things they went through and heard about on their journey in the scene so far as Zach details an incident which made him question why he was even shooting videos as he tells a story of him being threatened by two people in balaclavas - one with an "oldskool western shotgun" pointed at him.

As the conversation gets deeper, the pairing drop some gems as the guest explains what separates different directors from others, sharing the thought process behind not turning down videos just because he doesn't personally like the song as he explains that it's his job to bring that song to life, whether that is for monetary reasons or just to test himself with the art he's producing.

Watch the full interview above and be sure to let us know what you thought about it via the comment section below or via social media, this episode definitely has some hidden gems to take away from it and offeres up some interesting insights into conversations we don't come across every day.