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Gifted releases new track Talk To Me Nice

Gifted releases new track Talk To Me Nice

Author: Rachel Onilude | Wednesday 13th October 2021

Gifted releases new track  Talk To Me Nice Photograph

The Toronto Based artist Gifted - explores relationships and growth in his new track ‘Talk To Me Nice’. The single narrates the story of Gifted’s interpersonal relationships with women in the city of Toronto but also more broadly captures his relationships with other people. He makes it known he’s unbothered when it comes to encounters with individuals who appear reluctant to acknowledge his artistic prowess.

Produced Gibbo Beats ‘Talk To Me Nice’s slow-burning instrumental and raw lyrics display emotional maturity and highlight Gifted’s deep-rooted connection with his art. The artist refuses to break his bond with music and ensures his commitment to it. Talk To Me Nice’ has an element of darkness and mystery - the soft whispering beat directs a sense of tranquillity while listeners embrace Gifted’s story.

Be sure to listen to ‘Talk To Me Nice’ and look out for his other tracks.

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Name: Tatiyanna Williams-Britton