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'Where's Da Ops' season 2, episode 5 is here!

'Where's Da Ops' season 2, episode 5 is here!

Author: Tevyn J | Wednesday 20th October 2021

'Where's Da Ops' season 2, episode 5 is here! Photograph

It's been a fortnight so you know what that means, 'Where's Da Ops' season 2, episode 5 is here! The web series is back with yet another full length episode for your head top.

This episode of 'Where's Da Ops' sees things heat up as the mandem decide they're not taking any violations and make plans to set pace on their op but things start to go left as new alliances are formed and beefs are inherited, we begin to see more casualties of war fall due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The opening scene really sets the tone for what the latest episode had in store as we see one of the early antagonists waking up from what we later find out is a reoccurring nightmares of being caught lacking by his ops. By the time the last scene of the episode comes around we see him again, this time he's catching up with his friend who begins to perform a ritual to give him an advantage on the streets.

Watch episode 5 above now! If you're feeling this episode let us know your thoughts via the comment section below or via social medai. Waht do you think will happen in the next drop?