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Lippy Gives His Take On Remixes, Remakes And Remasters In New 'Hype Reacts' Episode

Lippy Gives His Take On Remixes, Remakes And Remasters In New 'Hype Reacts' Episode

Author: Tevyn J | Monday 25th October 2021

Popular, north west London based cultural commentator, Lippy 'returns to Just Hype to bring us the 12th instalment of the brand new 'HYPE Reacts' series as he breaks down his likes and dislikes with remixes, remakes and remasters of games, movies, shows, etc.

We already know what we're gonna get as soon as we see Lippy sit down to react to something, relatable opinions and hilarious takes as he starts to relate to what he's talking about and takes things a little more personally than he should for comedic effect.

This episode of 'HypeReacts' saw Lippy give us his take on whether some things should be brought back and remastered etc; as recently it came to light that GTA was going to get a remaster for PS5 etc instead of the creators dropping off a brand new game. He reminds us of the very relatable moments when we watched new shows on TV that originally came out when our parents were growing up and were slightly different - leading our parents to complain and us confused. As shows we used to watch as kids begin getting revamped it is now clear exactly what our parents meant and how annoying it is.

I won't spoil the 12th episode of 'Hype Reacts' with Lippy for you on this occasion, instead watch the full rant above and let us know what you thought of of Lippy's thoughts via the comment section below or hit us up on social media to make your feelings known!