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Slow It Down: Big Tobz

Slow It Down: Big Tobz

Author: Tom Dingley | Sunday 14th November 2021

Slow It Down: Big Tobz Photograph

This weeks instalment of 'Slow It Down' looks at both an individual and one half of arguably one of the best unofficial duos in the game when it comes to punchlines and back to backs. With everything from bars to flows, from drill to grime and everything inbetween, this week we are looking at East London lyricist, Big Tobz.

"Good girl said she never had sex before, well that's your V gone when we meet" - Big Tobz on his 'Plugged In' freestylre (with Blittz).

This bar is all about the way Big Tobz annunciates his words. With his powerful delivery - first of all it gives it that real authenticity, but the way Tobz pronounces the word 'gone' in this bar is what makes it land the way it does. With the 'V gone' sounding like vegan and the consequent 'we meet' obviously being a play on the word 'meat' this bar is slick and not the most difficult to catch, but executed perfectly.

"Day in the life might see me in central, I ain't in my bag I'm just loading" - Big Tobz on his 'HB Freestyle' (with Blittz)

This is another bar that might not be the hardesrt to catch, but again, executed effortlessly and if you know your stuff about the current artists within the UK rap scene then you will be able to appreciate this one for what it is. Talking about his day to day life, using one of the current hottest artists in the scene - Central Cee's - banger 'Day In The life' to then go on and say 'might see me in central' as a bit of a name flip for the 'Loading' rapper, this was smooth and very well executed.

"I heard you're working on a tape fam, well here's what I reckon call it Peter Pan and make sure it never lands" - Big Tobz on his 'Behind Barz' freestyle

This bar demonstrates Big Tobz's ability again as he executes this bar masterfully, but leaves you wondering whether it is aimed at somebody in particular. The bar references Peter Pan who is obviously from Neverland so the play on words is in relation to that and again, just a well delivered bar from the Walthemstow rapper.

Big Tobz constantly reminding us of his skill level with each release, whether it be a solo track or alongside Blittz. One thing that can not be denied is that he has some sick bars and he is definitely a very talented wordsmith. If you don't know then make sure you check his stuff out and get to know.

As always let us know on Twitter whose bars you would like to see us break down next!