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Davina Oriakhi drops brand new EP 'ASE'

Davina Oriakhi drops brand new EP 'ASE'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 12th November 2021

Davina Oriakhi drops brand new EP 'ASE' Photograph

The London-based Afro-Soul artist Davina Oriakhi returns with an EP titled "Ase" that compliments her organic, warm style. Ase meaning "Amen" or "Let it be done'' in Yoruba Language from the home of Afrobeat, Nigeria, Davina calls this a "collection of affirmations and prayers" of things she's been "afraid to say".

Over an encapsulating fusion of various drums from across the continent of Africa, ASE’s opening track ‘So Let It Be’ delivers the message of letting things go and embracing peace. Davina Oriakhi identifies her fears, insecurities and releases them into God’s hands, daring to receive good things she feels she doesn't deserve.

The second track, which was the single of this uplifting project, 'Pray For Me’, is an honest confession by Davina Oriakhi, calling out for help, channelling a deeper meaning “I’ve never been this tired for long’ ‘my heart is bleeding. The track hears like liberation of pain.

‘Yoke’ captures a gospel R&B vibe, where Davina Oriakhi affirms release from her own demons. "Amen" is a reggae-infused vibe to which Davina Oriakhi affirms a new sense of self, new strength, new courage, new -no fucks given- attitude.

‘Free’ is symbolic of the end of a journey, yet a new beginning; the lyrics contribute to the positive message ‘someday we can all be free’. ASE is a spiritual enlightenment - Davina Oriakhi evokes the message that there is freedom in the mundane, and there is freedom in change. This EP explores and makes comfortable concepts listeners feel every day but may not be able to explain. Davina Oriakhi melodically explains these concepts and offers comfort in them, a breath of fresh air to music lovers who consume music actively and not passively. A real treat to those seeking a deeper connection.

Listen to the full project below: