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Spotify remove shuffle option for albums following Adele's latest release

Spotify remove shuffle option for albums following Adele's latest release

Author: Sarah Akomanyi | Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Following the release of Adele's brand new album '30', the Pop star made an interesting request to Spotify as she asked the streaming platform to remove the automatic shuffle function on projects so people can listen to albums from artists in the way they intended, from start to finish. Check out Adele's Tweet below.

A Spotify spokesperson said they were "excited" to be rolling out the feature which was "long requested by both users and artists". With the new change on the app, there will still be the option of Spotify users to click shuffle, but will otherwise play in the order the songs are listed on the album and as the artists intended. This option is only available for Premium account holders.

"As Adele mentioned, we are excited to share that we have begun rolling out a new Premium feature that has been long requested by both users and artists to make play the default button on all albums," a Spotify spokesperson told CNN. "For those users still wishing to shuffle an album, they can go to the Now Playing View and select the shuffle toggle. As always, we will continue to iterate our products and features to create the best experiences for both artists and their fans."

30 by Adele was released on Friday (19th November) and this was her latest album after six years. 'Easy on Me', the first single to have been released from the album, holds the Spotify record for the most global listens in a single day.