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Chel Shares Her Journey Creating Her Latest EP 'Love.Obsession.Lust.'

Chel Shares Her Journey Creating Her Latest EP 'Love.Obsession.Lust.'

Author: Chloe Mykel | Thursday 2nd December 2021

Chel Shares Her Journey Creating Her Latest EP 'Love.Obsession.Lust.' Photograph

UK multi-genre artist Chel releases her brand new 'Love.Obsession.Lust.' EP, fusing different sounds and elements to produce her own unique "mix and blend".

Congratulations on dropping your latest EP ‘Love.Obsession.Lust.’! What can anyone who hasn’t heard it expect from the project?

You can expect the perfect blend of R&B, Pop and Afrobeats. I know what you’re thinking…but trust me it makes sense, you’ll be thinking “how is this not a THING thing yet!?”

Do you have a favourite track?

'Pesa (Give It All)' is my faaaaave! It’s heartfelt, it’s emotive and it's sexy! You can slow dance to it or power walk down to the station on your commute to it. I was influenced by Kizomba and Zouk's sounds, and it was the perfect opportunity to mix English seamlessly with Lingala. I love hearing people sing along to it - it’s the way to shout "PESAAAA!"

Talk us through your creative process for the EP…

I worked backwards for this one. I had a listening party coming up and needed music for it, but I didn’t want the listening party to be for NOLAH (my last EP). I wanted it to be positive and romantic with influences from my culture, which is something I’d never really done before - I’m usually very good at writing about heartache! So after I had released NOLAH, I met with producer Jae Eaux and we went through a vast range of instrumentals. I picked the first three songs there and then! I usually know whether I’ll use an instrumental within 10 seconds of hearing the beat. From there, I wrote all my songs between July and September 2021. Then Sørensen hit me up with the Amapiano beat.

Were there any setbacks in the making of the project?

The only set back was that the EP was released a few weeks after the listening party. I really wanted it to be available that night, but you live and you learn!

Describe your music career so far in 3 words…

Exhilarating, overwhelming and random.

At what moment did you know you wanted to be an artist?

From year 7 I knew I wanted to be in the performing arts. It’s the only thing I can do really well naturally. Any way that I can be involved in the arts - I will take it!

What would your advice be for any aspiring or emerging female artists?

Be and stay true to yourself, and set boundaries. Never have too much pride - everything you do is for your own good so put yourself out there!

What’s something people are surprised to know about you?

That I’m independent. People always expect that I am signed to an indie label or something and that I have a massive team behind me, but actually it’s just me and some of my mates!

And finally, what can we expect next year from Chel?

The next chapter is a video for one of the songs on 'Love.Obsession.Lust.', and next year I’m creating more opportunities for myself in terms of content. I’ve realised that I need to put myself in the rooms I want to be in - so I’m going to do just that!

Check out 'Love.Obsession.Lust.' on all streaming platforms here, and be sure to connect with Chel on Instagram and Twitter.

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