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NEW 'Where's Da Ops' episode 8 just landed

NEW 'Where's Da Ops' episode 8 just landed

Author: Tevyn J | Sunday 12th December 2021

Episode 8 of 'Where's Da Ops' season 2 sees things heat up yet agin as the story picks up from where things were left in the episode 7, with Rago sticking it on the shooter that missed his shot at on one of his ops because he was being a little reckless.

The story continues as usual and this episode is no different from the recent drops as it is just as action packed as the prior episodes especially with the craziness that happened at the end of episode 7. If you haven't already youdefinitely will need to cath up on episode 7 before you think of checking this one out.

Things begin to make sense to some of our other antagonists in this episode as they're forced to open their eyes and understand what's beenhappening througout the story, but for some, they're seeing it a little too late and may not be able to bounce back from whay theyfind out.

Watch episode 8 of 'Where's Da Ops', season 2 above and let us know what you thougjt of the latest offering in the comment section below or on social media. Also hit us up with your predictions for the next installment of 'Where's Da Ops'? Who's next on who's hitlist? What do you think is gonna happen next?