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Murkz Tells All About His Latest Single 'Old School RnB', Working With Amazon Music/+44 & More...

Murkz Tells All About His Latest Single 'Old School RnB', Working With Amazon Music/+44 & More...

Author: Chloe Mykel | Friday 17th December 2021

Murkz Tells All About His Latest Single 'Old School RnB', Working With Amazon Music/+44 & More... Photograph

The "Manny Man" himself, Murkz, recently dropped his latest track 'Old School RnB', so I roped him in to spill the tea on his own favourite "Old School RnB" track, working with Amazon/+44 and more...

’Old School RnB’ is your latest release, and in true Murkz style, you’ve switched up your sound again for this one! What made you want to explore this garage-infused style this time around?

So Garage has always been close to home for me anyway, from listening to it religiously as a younger, to my connections with Grime & Bassline which are also closely related genres. My boy TRC was churning out Garage beats at the time and he randomly sent me a clip to see if I liked it - the rest is history! I make my best music when something grabs/inspires me straight away and I act on it, and this was one of those moments.

How important is it for you to explore different genres as an artist?

I think diversity is key in a scene thats forever changing and developing. There’s a common perception that an artists “sound” should mainly be tied to one genre, but in my opinion you can develop a “sound” based on your character, personality, vibe etc and if you do it in a true and consistent way…your “sound” will shine through on any genre. A genre shouldn’t define an artists sound. Saying that, diversity isn't for everyone though. Some artists need to stick to one genre and its absolutely ok! Not me though, I like to experiment! Every day in life is different so why cant my music be the same?

You got pretty creative with this one when it came to the video - tell us more about your process when coming up with the concept…

So the idea to make a song about "Old School RnB” came out of nowhere and I was writing the lyrics with all the song references. I thought “wait I can do this in the video too!” so I shortlisted a few iconic “Old School RnB” videos and remade them as best as I could. I was actually going to get the baby oil out and remake the 'D’Angelo - Untitled’ video but I bottled it! Biscoff biscuits and the spread have ruined my six pack anyway but hold tight Biscoff though…real generals.

What’s your favourite “Old School RnB” track then?

Ooooooh theres too many you know! Erm….if I had to pick one…its gonna have to be the baitest one - ‘Fantasia - When I See You’. Me and the mandem know it word for word, even the adlibs! Honourable mention to ‘Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long’ though - proper lips up tune that.

Rumour has it there’s a Baseline and Drum & Bass Remix of the track too - tell us about your family ties within Manchester’s Baseline scene…

Ahh the remixes…first of all, big shout out to you as the remixes were your idea! Long story short, I did pretty well as a Bassline DJ, MC and producer once upon a time - if you ever wondered why people refer to Manchester as “Manny” - it’s because of my song “Manny Man” from all those years back.

I still do quite a bit Bassline wise, and I’m 1/3 of the ‘4TheBasslineCulture’ brand which has done and is doing some exciting Bassline stuff. It will always hold a place in my heart, so any opportunity I get to revisit Bassline - I take it! Garage, Bassline and Drum & Bass sit with each other so nicely so it just made perfect sense. The Drum & Bass remix is my favourite though, you should see my skanks…mazza!

Do you plan to host more events in 2022?

Most definitely! ‘4TheBasslineCulture’ have just announced our next event - 9th April 2022 at The Warehouse in Leeds…and keep it a secret but I MIGHT put on my own headline show as well. Theres plenty more in the pipeline too, but thats all you’re getting for now…you’re too nosey.

What would you say the most defining moment in your career has been so far?

Oooh more hard questions! There’s been a few, but if I had to pick one it would have to be the collaboration with Amazon Music/+44 that I did last year. Having my own big billboard in my hometown and being able to show it to my family was sick! Proper proud Dad moment that.

If you could sum up ‘Murkz’ in 3 words, what would they be?

Fun. Unpredictable. Manchester.

Check out the video for 'Old School RnB.' below, stream it on all platforms here, and be sure to connect with Murkz on Instagram and Twitter.

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