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Scorcher Talks His Return To Music, His Latest Project & His Future Plans

Scorcher Talks His Return To Music, His Latest Project & His Future Plans

Author: Tom Dingley | Saturday 8th January 2022

Scorcher Talks His Return To Music, His Latest Project & His Future Plans Photograph

Scorcher returned in December with a brand new project to bless his fans with; having not released a full length project since his 2014 release '1 of 1'. The Edmonton rapper dropped his album 'The Drama' and showcased just why his name holds so much weight in the UK music scene, displaying his hunger, passion for music, versatility, and most importantly his raw talent in this field. I sat down and had a chat with him following his release to find out the process behind this project, his future plans and more.

'The Drama' is Scorcher's first project in 7 years and he has delivered nothing less than we would expect from a rapper who has been involved the music scene for as long as he has. Having previously been one member of The Movement alongside Ghetts, Wretch 32 and Mercston, it is no secret that Scorcher has undeniable talent with his flows and hard-hitting delivery, but 7 years is a long time to go without dropping a project and the landscape of the music scene has changed so much in that space of time, with UK Drill essentially now being at the forefront. "I just wanted to put it out, I didn't have any expectations but the feedback has been mental. In the times that we're in it's weird. I came home and music wasn't even something I was thinking about, it probably took me about a year from start to finish but really it was a couple of months from when I clicked into this space".

Scorcher is one of the legends of the Grime scene, which whilst still holding that weight and some of that era's biggest artists still being about and dropping music and definitely still having that popularity surrounding it, is not the culture's top genre right now as UK Rap and Drill has grown in popularity over the years. "The sound is different and on one hand I kinda liked it, but on the other hand I wasn't trying to just jump on whatever was popping. I was feeling it, but it was unusual for me because this isn't my genre, this isn't my scene. It's somebody elses thing and it's banging as well. I had to adjust and find my way but I'm happy to touch that sound and I didn't want this project to sound just like I'm trying to do whatever, I make music for me first, I make what I make and then worry about who's gonna listen to it."

The project boasts features from the likes of D Double E, WSTRN's Akelle, Tion Wayne, Ramslie, and Villz, just to name a few. The thing that stands out about the chosen features is the fact that Scorcher has not tried to put all of the biggest names out there on the album, but chosen features that not only make sense, but features that work for the track they are on. "I don't see an artist and think 'oh I need to get that guy on a track' I just do what I'm doing and then if I can hear someone on a track then I'll ask them. The same way when I hear a beat the lyrics come to me, that's how I hear an artist on a track I've made. I prefer it to be artists that I have some kind of personal relationship or connection with but it's not always like that."

We all know that COVID has messed up a lot of things when it comes to artists being able to do live shows and travel around, but one thing we can not lose sight of is the fact that as it stands, live music shows and festivals are back. Scorcher is one of those artists who has got the charisma and the energy to pull off an incredible performance - just look at some old school Grime sets he was a part of and you will see what I mean - and to see him do a tour would be something pretty special. "I'll be honest I haven't even thought about a tour. Stuff like that isn't really where my head has been at. Where I'm at is I'm comfortable, I'm making good music and I'm happy doing that. The country's been in lockdown so touring hasn't been on my mind, obviously I would like to, but right now I just wanna keep making my music and take it from there. It would definitely be a moment though, it's been a long time. Imagine you'd not had sex for a long time, you're looking foward to it but you'd be like 'I've gotta do my ting' you know what I'm saying"

Along with music Scorcher has also had acting roles, having been in the original series of 'Top Boy' and the movie 'The Intent' and throughout this project you can hear that Scorcher is sounding hungrier than ever, with his passionate delivery and the way he has refined his craft to reach new levels in a time where music is so important to not only the artists but also to the listeners. Having released a project now, you might think that would be it for a little while before we hear any more new music or see any other projects come our way, but that hunger that was previously mentioned could lead to more appearances from Scorcher sooner than you think. "I can't say too much, but I've been working on a series and a new movie which I am really excited about. Music wise I know I've just finished this project but I've got 2 more projects I wanna release next year. One of them is a joint one but I'm not gonna say who with. There's certain elements of me as an artist that I feel I need to get out there more."

Scorcher's 'The Drama' is available to purchase or stream on Spotify and Apple Music so check it out.