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Ricardo Gold Debuts Clean Visuals To New Release 'Smoke'

Ricardo Gold Debuts Clean Visuals To New Release 'Smoke'

Author: Tevyn J | Friday 28th January 2022

South London based rapper, Ricardo Gold makes his debut on Link Up TV as he drops off a brand new set of Jabbie Studios produced visuals to his latest co-produced single, titled 'Smoke'.

'Smoke' is a very smooth freestyle that sees Ricardo Gold really “on Smoke” from the very first few lines of the drop as he seemingly opens up abbot a personal relationship - addressing someone directly without mentioning their name, but outlining what they did wrong and abruptly declining any further physical appearances from the rapper; as well as making it clear that he’s a “dangerous man” and though he has the bible in one hand he has females in the other.

And with the above said and out the way, the Tulse Hill rapper seamlessly moved on to make his “rivals” aware that his alleged trigger finger is still “itchy” every time he sees them, connecting to his earlier lines very subtly. Setting the tone for the new release very early on, and keeping it very consistent thereafter.

Ricardo continues to detail his characteristics quite masterfully through the freestyle as he drops off slick lines over a self-produced beat with assistance from a very cold electric guitar played throughout and powerful solo toward the end of the track.

Watch the brand new music video to 'Smoke' above and let us know your thoughts on Ricardo Golds latest release via the comment section below or hit us up on social media to give us your thoughts on this one! This one is also available to buy and stream via all major digital outlets including Apple Music and Spotify.