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Erik and Osana AD join forces for brand new project ‘Solid’

Erik and Osana AD join forces for brand new project ‘Solid’

Author: Wardah Sempa | Monday 7th February 2022

Erik and Osana AD join forces for brand new project ‘Solid’ Photograph

Erik has released a brand new project entilted, 'Solid', featuring Osana AD. The duo’s project ‘Solid’ wastes no time drawing listeners in; it begins with a mysterious vibe. The opening track entitled ‘THE BEGINNING’ documents a desirable love that became too addictive and toxic.

The struggling heartbeat towards the end of the track – represents how painful and damaging toxic love can be. When explaining what the single meant to him, Erik states, “this is how I deal with the emotions and tribulations of a toxic but addictive relationship.”.

The second track on the project ‘CLEO’ featuring Osana AD, Kev Luv and 416 captures the pure feelings attached to a new electrifying love. The group’s signature Brazilian Afro-pop sound does not go unnoticed; the trio’s combination of electronics-infused with a 90s melodic production makes all their tracks unique.

The final track on ‘Solid’, ‘BABY DREAMS’ emulates an early 90s rap style, paired with dreamy vocals, a sinking bassline and a dominating piano beat. 416 and OSANA AD hold nothing back; they pour out all their feelings on the track, ensuring they document a detailed love story. ‘Solid’ pays homage to the duo’s roots; the album aims to connect to different backgrounds, timelines and musical influences.

If you haven’t heard of the project yet, be sure to check it out now.