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Goldfinger Links Up with Tigs To Deliver New Militant Drop 'Title Deeds'

Goldfinger Links Up with Tigs To Deliver New Militant Drop 'Title Deeds'

Author: Tevyn J | Friday 25th February 2022

Manchester rapper Goldfinger makes his debut on Link Up TV as he links up with Melbourne based UK DJ/producer, Tigs to offer up militant visuals to their latest joint effort, aptly titled, 'Title Deeds'.

The rap and production duo come prepared for another musical siege as the 'Title Deeds' follows in hot pursuit of 'I'm Not Hearing That', the previous collaboration between Tigs and Goldfinger.

Leading the charge, Goldfinger, (a founding member of Virus Syndicate), hits us with intricate wordplay, as he artistically depicts what it’s like being him, aptly assisted by the military themed visuals. His distinct voice and very deliberate rhyming pattern, sees the rapper deliver lines in a way that allows us to feel his authenticity.

Tigs showcases his production skills, blending elements of grime and drill, choosing a percussive pattern that stays on theme with the sinister message of the song while simultaneously offering up a club friendly bassline.

Dissecting the record in his own terms, the Manchester native declares: “Title Deeds is a call to action with an almost military urgency. I’m using double and triple entendres that encompass the need to do better from a music perspective, a street life perspective and a financial security perspective, all the while blurring the lines between which metaphor is a hidden meaning for which. Tigs has created the perfect drill backdrop with military snare rolls, atmospheric keys and a rumbling 808 that holds it all together!”

Set in a secluded forest, Goldfinger is dressed in full military attire, performing to the camera as he dons his artillery, ready for war. This strong visual imagery reiterates the compelling narrative that is at the heart of ‘Title Deeds’, offering up scenes including a war strategy room, communications headquarters and an appropriately red coloured combat scene.

Watch the music video to 'Title Deeds' in full above! If you’re feeling this one, make sure you let us know in the comments below or via socials!

The Goldfinger and Tigs track is available to buy and stream via all major digital outlets including Apple Music and Spotify now! So make sure you go support it if you’re feeling this one!