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Armz Korleone Gives Us His Top Workout Songs Ahead Of This Weekends UK vs USA Boxing Event

Armz Korleone Gives Us His Top Workout Songs Ahead Of This Weekends UK vs USA Boxing Event

Author: Tom Dingley | Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Armz Korleone Gives Us His Top Workout Songs Ahead Of This Weekends UK vs USA Boxing Event  Photograph

This weekend Showstar Boxing are hosting the UK vs USA boxing event featuring Deji vs Alex Wassabi, King Kenny vs Faze Temperrr and Armz Korleone vs MiniKon.

To mark the occasion, Armz Korleone has provided us with some of his must-have workout bangers that get him hyped up at the gym during training, and will have him hyped up ready for his big match against USA's MiniKon this Saturday 5th March 2022. Before we get into Armz's workout playlist, here is some of the key information you will need to watch the event this weekend:

How to watch the live stream?

The event is available on pay-per-view stream for £7 via the Showstar website here

What time will the fights start?

The event takes place Saturday, March 5 at the OVO Arena, Wembley in London. Doors for the show will open at 6pm with the first fight of the undercard at around 7pm.

Purchase tickets for the live event at:

Tickets are on sale here - prices start at £36, with ringside seats costing £146.

Track No.1 - Nolay - Unorthodox Daughter:

Coming up first on Armz's workout playlist is none other than South London's very own Nolay. This track - released all the way back in 2007 - is an old school grime banger and is likely to hype anybody up for a workout. Nolay came on this one with hunger, venom and that old school, unmistakable grime delivery that made Grime as popular as it was. This one is hard and will give you enough energy to have you working up a sweat.

Track No.2 - D Double E - Grime Riddim:
This next track comes from none other than one of not just London's finest but one of the greatesr MC's the UK has to offer in D Double E. Another Grime banger to add to the workout playlist - which might be a theme of this playlist - and yet again it is a high energy banger to help you through your workout. Not only is this track bound to have you pumping in the gym, the lyrical ability on show from D Double E on this one is ridiculous, with too many quotable bars to mention. If this is not already on your workout playlist, it better be now.
Track No.3 - Ghetts - Strike Me Dead feat. Griminal and Dot Rotten
How could this playlist be a workout playlist without a track from Ghetts? We all know how commanding of attention Ghetts is whenever he touches mic on a track and this is no different. Bringing in the help of Griminal and Dot Rotten on this one, the hype and energy on this track is enough to push anyone to hit their PB's in the gym. With an old school, dark Grime beat produced by Dot Rotten himself, this one is an absolute banger that will help you reach new heights in your workouts for sure.
Track No.4 - Stutta - Konk feat. Jammer
This track is about as old school as it gets and is the perfect addition to this workout playlist. The music video will take any old school Grime fan back to the days of Channel U and light that fire back up especially during a work out. Stutta and Jammer went absolutely sick on this one, and not to mention the beat switch up towards the end which gets a bit more eerie and dark. There's not too much more to say on this one other than this is an original banger and if you don't know about it, get it on your playlist and get to know because it is sure to amp you up for training, sparring, cardio or a heavy weights session.
Track No.5 - Nasty Crew - Girls Love Nasty
Another absolute banger from the vault taking us back to the days where Nasty Crew were shelling it wherever they went. This track has more of an old school Hip-Hop/RnB feel to it with a UK Garage/Grime take on it and the flows on this one all around are absolutely phenomenal. Every member delivers their verses absolutely on point, and the hook as well makes this track the banger that it is. There is nothing not to love about this track and if you hear it when you are in the middle of a workout you are definitely going to get a sudden boost of energy - especially the final verse when the beat switches up, yet again another anthem for your workout playlists.
Track No.6 - JME - Serious
Yet another nostalgia trip with this one right here. Boy Better Know's very own JME with a 'Serious' banger here. This track is rapped over a legendary beat produced by JME himself which everybody will recognise if not from this track then old school grime sets or even Stormzy's track 'Wicked Skengman 4'. Not only is the beat iconic, but JME's bars on this one are some of his most iconic, especially the hook that he produces on this one. Whilst it is not as dark or as heavy as some of the other tracks on this playlist, the nostalgia itself will take most people to a place that boosts their mood and in-turn, boosts their performance in the gym.
Track No.7 - Kano - P's & Q's
There really is not much that needs to be said about this track right here. The beat is iconic, the bars are iconic, the whole track is iconic. This should be on every workout playlist across the country - we don't make the rules. Everything about this track is ideal for a workout session whether that be a serious weights session, a sparring session, an intense cardio session, no matter what it is this track deserves to be on every workout playlist. The energy this one can produce is unbelievable and will have you working extra hard from the very intro of the song.
Track No.8 - Big Narstie v Solo - Brush Man
This track is a throwback and a half and just had to make this playlist. How could you have a pre-fight workout playlist without a clash track?. On this track Big Narstie and Solo go back and forth insulting each other in some of the most creative ways, and they make the track the banger that it is. Yet another old school Grime banger, whack this on youe headphones in the gym and you will be in a completely different zone ready to go to war in sparring, or take on a new challenge in the gym - just like Armz will be this weekend as he gets ready to take on MiniKon in the ring.
Track No.9 - Roll Deep - When I'm 'Ere.
Now when you think of dark, eerie instrumentals, this one is right up there. With high pitched ad libs on the hook, a militant style drum pattern, this one is enough to get you in the zone for anything, ready to take on whatever you are prepared to take on for your workout that day. Not to mention asides from the beat that every MC on this banger takes their verses and bodies with venom, this one is perfect for any workout on any type of day.