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Showstar Boxing UK vs USA - What Went Down?

Showstar Boxing UK vs USA - What Went Down?

Author: Tom Dingley | Monday 7th March 2022

Showstar Boxing hosted their massive UK vs USA boxing event at Wembley OVO Arena on Saturday night and promised a night packed full of entertainment - and that is exactly what we were treated to. With stars such as The Sidemen, Beta Squad, Anthony Joshua, Derek Chisora, Mist, M24 and loads more from the world of entertainment in the crowd watching, the energy from the crowd being at a high all night and plenty of action to look forward to, the scene was set for a big night of boxing.

Kicking off the night we had Salt Papi vs Halal Ham and - despite the controversial introduction from Halal Ham's friend- the fight itself was a solid start to the night, with Salt Papi taking full control and dominating his opponent to go on and win having won on all three of the judge's scorecards. Next match up was Stromedy vs Austin Sprinz - two American influencers. This fight had a lot riding on it as the pair had signed a contract for one party to give their opponent two of their cars should they lose, and the other his house. Stromedy won this fight following a split decision from the judges after both contenders landed a lot of good punches and took a bit of a beating, following the fight, the fighters showed their respect for each other which was great to see.

The next fight between Jay "Mellow Fellow" Cucciniello and Anthony "Pretty Boy" Taylor was possibly the least eventful fight of the night and ended with Cucciniello winning after the fight went the distance, but the crowd were disappointed with the lack of action in the fight, and didn't they make it known. Next to take to the ring was Ryan Taylor as he faced DK Money and this one was looking like a good fight in the heavyweight division. The fight started well, both fighters looked up for the challenge ahead of them but unfortunately it lead to a Ryan Taylor disqualification after he headbutted his opponent - leading to an altercation between some of the UK and US fans at ringside which added to the energy levels in the arena.

Now we get to the fights everyone was really looking forward to, with a mouth-watering bout between the two biggest fighters on the card Armz Korleone and MiniKon. This was a fight between two absolute machines in terms of sheer strength and size, and it did not disappoint. From round 1 all the way to the end of the fight we saw a back and forth battle with both of these super-heavyweights land some big shots, both fighters were rocked by their opponents and neither fighter wanted to give up and lose this fight. The fight went the distance and the result went in favour of the UK's very own Armz Korleone by unanymous decision. However, following the fight, Armz Korleone was taken on a stretcher because he had put so much into trying to win the fight that he had simply gassed himself out - he later on returned to the crowd and was back to his usual self thanks to help from the on-hand medical team.

Kristen Hanby and Vitaly were up next and the bad blood between these two was clear to see at the press conferences as Hanby made a swing for Vitaly and the pair were cussing each other throughout, so this one had the look of a very interesting bout. Hanby looked good on his feet, landed a few good shots, used his jab well to keep the bigger man at distance. When Hanby was able to get in on the inside and land a flurry of shots he did so well, however there were claims from Vitaly that Hanby was using dirty tactics and headbutting him in the clinches which could have lead to significant points deductions or even disqualification from the fight for Hanby. Yet again, this fight went the distance and it was a tough one to call. Some believed that due to the headbutting incidents that Hanby had thrown the fight, however with both landing some good shots and looking technically well versed, the judges ended up scoring this one a majority draw. Following the fight Vitaly said "I'm ready to go again tomorrow, I just need a good night's sleep and I'd do it all again".

Now we have the co-main event between Beta Squad's own King Kenny and Faze Temperrr. This fight showcased the two best boxers on the night hands down, as both fighters showcased good technical ability. Kenny's ability defensively was excellent, he showed good movement and was light on his feet, whilst Faze Temperr was clearly showing a high level of boxing intelligence as he picked his shots wisely and didn't come out all guns blazing. Kenny landed a number of good shots himself, with Faze Temperr even looking like he was struggling with his eye at one point due to a shot that Kenny had landed. This fight really was the fight of the night and yet again, it went the distance and it went to the UK's King Kenny, a decision which some people felt was the wrong one and in his post-match interview Faze Temperrr said "I believe I won that fight. I think the crowd in here and everyone at home knows I won that fight. I'll probably be back in the ring again so watch this space". When asked if we would see him back in the ring, King Kenny took the opportunity to search for his next opponent when he was asked if we would see him in the ring again by saying "of course I'll be back, if any other YouTuber wants it, any other Faze member wants it, I'm ready to go again".

Finally, the main event between Deji and Alex Wassabi was here and the crowd were ready. Deji's redemption arc was here and ready to be completed and the crowd could not hold their excitement for this one. The UK YouTube scene had been ready for this moment, The Sidemen were ringside along with the likes of Ollie Ball, Jacob Pasquill, Jack Joseph, Cole Anderson, BambinoBecky, ImAllexx and many more to watch this fight that Deji had prepared so much for. The fight started and it was clear to see Deji looked miles better this time around than in his other fights. He looked quicker on his feet, he was defensively sharp, his head mov ement was very impressive, the only thing that let him down was his reluctancy to throw anything himself. Alex Wassabi was the taller man, he had a longer reach which he used to his advantage, he threw some good shots and landed some good ones as well. However as previously mentioned, Deji's head movement was so impressive that Wassabi did miss quite a few also. KSI was on his feet screaming at Deji to throw some punches, and when Deji did land a shot he was urging him to get inside and keep landing those shots but it was not enough. Alex Wassabi won the fight by way of split decision and went on to say "I will definitely be back in the ring, if people want the rematch then I'm sure we can make it happen, if not then I will be back with another opponent for sure". Deji was joined in the ring following the fight by his brother KSI and his mum and was understandably upset but hopefully he does not let this get him down and we see him bounce back even stronger.