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Football Chance Foundation Unveil 'On Trial' Short Film

Football Chance Foundation Unveil 'On Trial' Short Film

Author: Tevyn J | Tuesday 8th March 2022

'On Trial' is a highly emotive short film based on a true story, brought to you by charitable organisation, Football Chance Foundation, Written by George Lavender, directed by Etim Essien, production by Exkluse Media; illustrating some of the social and economic challenges some of the young talents growing up in the UK may face when chasing their dream of becoming a professional footballer.

This short film sees a narrator walk us through the story of two friends, John and Kyrell who both wanted to be footballers from the age of 7, having the same dream, from the same area and even playing for the same team initially, but their paths were slightly different due to different decisions made at different points in each of their respective journeys.

At the end of the video we’re treated to a snippet of part two of this shirt film, as we begin to see the story take shape and start to understand what paths John and Kyrell are going down as they enter into their post GCSE years.

Watch the 'On Trial' short film in full above and let us know what you think via the comment section below or via socials.

If you would like to make a donation to support Football Chance Foundation and the On Trial Film (@ontrialfilm) project please do so here.