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Manchester Rapper Tunde Could Be Facing 14 Years To Life In Prison

Manchester Rapper Tunde Could Be Facing 14 Years To Life In Prison

Author: Tevyn J | Wednesday 16th March 2022

In recent weeks we've come to understand that rising Manchester rapper Tunde has been on remand for a reported 11 months after being arrested for 4 shootings in his home town.

According to the Manchester rapper's manager, on the 25th of April 2021, Tunde was in London recording a music video for his debut project ‘First Lap’ and planning to attend a studio session the following day with Steel Banglez. Tunde was reportedly passing through Tottenham on the way to the final location of the music video shoot, when he was allegedly rushed and blocked in by a reported Brixton TSG unit who reportedly immediately arrested Tunde for 4 alleged shootings in Manchester.

Tunde’s manager claims the rapper Tunde’s current charges are as follows: “conspiracy to possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life”. It's been reported that the above charges may yield a sentence of 14 years to life if for defendants found guilty of such charges.

Tunde has reportedly attended one dismissal and five bail hearings; at this time, it’s been reported that all applications for release have been denied, leading to the Manchester rapper spending 11 months in jail on remand, ahead of a pending Crown Court trial, of which his manager claims he will be pleading “not guilty” at.

Following the above, it has been reported that court proceedings have now been delayed for a further 8 months to allow for more evidence to be gathered. The prior mentioned indicates Tunde will have served over a year and a half on remand - on 23 hour lockdown before his first trial date - to defend himself and plead his innocence. Tunde’s management claims the rapper is allegedly being framed in this case, and says he is sorry to his fans, family and friends for his abrupt absence.