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Clavish returns with new release Sold Out Dates

Clavish returns with new release Sold Out Dates

Author: Rachel Onilude | Friday 25th March 2022

 Clavish returns with new release Sold Out Dates Photograph

Ever since, the North London star declared his consistency with music by releasing the highly-anticipated EP entitled 2022 and other gems such as ‘Fashion Week’, ‘Daily Duppy’ and ‘How It Goes’. Clavish returns with his first single of the year, ‘Sold Out Dates’. Produced by @M1onthebeat, the dark intrusive instrumental is paired with Clavish’s commanding bars. He is well-known for his noticeable hooks and vigorous wordplay ‘my man's mum, better re-up on tissue, cah when we see him it's gonna be tears’. Clavish continues to mark his territory as one of the best in the rap scene.

The Hackney rapper takes us on a journey throughout the single, breaking down several relatable topics Instagram girls, fashion, jail, street politics, and more. The raw stories make the rapper so authentic and lock listeners in every time. Directed by @TvToxic, the long-shot angle of Clavish sitting on the sold-out dates sign foreshadows his future success. The visuals capture a series of the rapper’s outfits, icy jewellery and luxurious cars.

Be sure to check out Sold Out Dates.