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Old & New Age Scams: Lippy And Loons Talk Fraud In New 'Hype Reacts' Video

Old & New Age Scams: Lippy And Loons Talk Fraud In New 'Hype Reacts' Video

Author: Naomi Ramsay-Mensah | Wednesday 6th April 2022

North West London's 'Lippy Lickshot' is joined by 'No Behaviour' podcast co-host Loons, to explore the topic of fraud in episode 12 of the latest 'Hype Reacts' series.

Funny and relatable, the duo identifies the different realms of fraud and its development over the years, from number crunching in betting shops to royal mail scams designed to get your personal details. Both Lippy and Loons reflect on their personal experiences with fraud, including being left £750 in debt as a result of a scam. Lippy says "when you think of a t'eif you think of a little man in a black and white stripy shirt". Therefore, it is easier for women to get away with fraud than men. Interestingly statistics lean towards this view, as approximately 72% worldwide of all fraudsters in the reported cases were male in 2018 and 2019.

Another view raised in the episode is that some cultural groups are more inclined to commit fraud at a greater rate than others based on environment. Cultures with stricter parenting styles gave their children less freedom to be outdoors, meaning the likilihood for them to engage in outdoor crimes was low, however had more opportunity to commit indoors crimes, such as fraud.

The episode offers knowledge on known fraudsters and the way in which they may operate. Loons said, "Fraud is a technical game". So be vigilant. They also touch on the less apparent types of fraud that occur in friendships and relationships, using reality series such as '90-Day Finance' as an illustration of this. People marrying solely for money or visas.

Although the duo addresses the topic light-heartedly, they still emphasise the severe impacts of fraud and advise their viewership to be extremely aware. Lippy says "Fraud is real, don’t get defrauded."

Watch the full episode of 'Hype Reacts ' with Lippy and Loons above. Are fraudsters becoming more creative with the times? Have you too been caught up badly in a scam? Check it out and let us know what you think in the comment section below!