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Noaah drops brand new track ‘BOUNCE’

Noaah drops brand new track ‘BOUNCE’

Author: Wardah Sempa | Wednesday 13th April 2022

Noaah drops brand new track ‘BOUNCE’  Photograph

Rapper and musician Noaah shakes things up with his new track ‘BOUNCE’. A clean cut, wordplay-heavy mix of Trap and Hip-Hop with a sharp wit from beginning to end, ‘BOUNCE’ doesn’t over complicate things with beats that pack a powerful punch under Noaah’s rhythmic bars and endless flow. Expressing the highs and lows of a social lifestyle and living life to the max, ‘BOUNCE’ is an addictive track that is sure to find its way onto your party playlist.

Talking about the inspirations behind his artistry, Noaah shares: “My main inspirations are my closest family, my mum, brother and sister. Being able to show them my music and having them be proud and knowing the lyrics within the next few days is just a great feeling. My mum would play my music whenever we’re in the car, or I’ll just be chilling in my room and I hear her playing it from her stereo and it makes me proud of myself also because all I want to do is make them proud. So in my lyrics there will always be a clear message with clean lyrics so, of course, my mum can listen because you don’t really need to swear to make music, and I just write about my life experiences and always try to include wordplay wherever I can. If people relate then they relate, but they tell me they enjoy it so I keep making what they like, mixed with what I also enjoy making.”

Noaah had a stratospheric rise in 2021 via TikTok but always had a knack for music and performance. After posting some freestyles on the platform with the hope of sharing his message and inspiring others, Noaah quickly caught the attention of TikTok users and has now garnered over 10,000 followers, all hooked on his creativity.

Talking about the attention he has received from his music, Noaah shares: “I enjoy receiving DMs from supporters telling me they love me music, I inspire them and they want to be like me when they’re older. I reply to every single comment and DM, so I even try to help them whenever help is needed because I feel like engagement is key and I just genuinely like helping others. Also, fans asking for new music is a good feeling.”