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Digga D Drops New Single 'Hold it Down'

Digga D Drops New Single 'Hold it Down'

Author: Naomi Ramsay-Mensah | Thursday 14th April 2022

Double tap daps is back at it again. West London’s Digga D has treated us with yet another new single 'Hold it Down', just days before the release of his highly anticipated 3rd full length project 'Noughty By Nature' - dropping April 15th. Praised for his versatility, the UK Drill artist works with Cage Beats, sampling 50 Cent classic hit '21 Questions'.

Although there has been much critique around sampling classic songs in the UK as of recent, Digga D seems to have executed his version well. The rapper's authenticity radiates throughout the track as he effortlessly tackles the beat. Offering us a nostalgic 00’s RnB/Hip-Hop melody for the hook mixed with that distinctive UK Drill flow and lyricism we all love. You can’t help but catch a vibe to this track.

The music video also pays homage to '21 Questions', referencing similar scenes such as the police invasions at the beginning and a split screen phone call to a girl from prison. Which to our surprise, featured influencer Tennessee Thresh, an alleged ex-girlfriend?

The build up to his 3rd project has been immense. 'Hold it Down’ being 1 out of the line of consistent singles released by Digga D this year already, including 'Pump 101', 'G Lock' and 'What You Reckon'. 'Pump 101' especially, peaking at no #9 in the official UK charts. The pattern follows on from his last mixtape release 'Made in the Pyrex' landing with pressure to the Drill scene back in 2021. Featuring big singles 'Woi’ and 'Chingy’ which also made it to the charts at #24 and #18, respectively. The CMG rapper's work rate has been undeniable as of late, and he continues to hold his standpoint in the Drill scene.

If 'Hold it Down’ is anything to go by, then we can certainly have high hopes for Digga D’s 'Noughty by Nature' project. The Drill artist is yet to disappoint.