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#REVIEW Digga D Delivers Highly Anticipated Project 'Noughty By Nature'

#REVIEW Digga D Delivers Highly Anticipated Project 'Noughty By Nature'

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 15th April 2022

#REVIEW Digga D Delivers Highly Anticipated Project 'Noughty By Nature' Photograph

Digga D is back with his highly anticipated new project titled 'Noughty By Nature'.

Digga D is back again with a brand new project, this time in the form of 'Noughty By Nature' and this is one that fans have been waiting for - and it does not disappoint. The opening track gives a bit more of an insight into Digga D before the fame, as he opens up about his upbringing and certain events taking place in his life that lead to where he is today as one of the hottest artists in the UK. This introduction really feels like Digga D wanted to connect with fans on this project and this was a great way to start.

One thing that is noticeable throughout the project is that it really feels like Digga D is back making the music that he really wants to make again, with a lot less limitations and with a lot more enjoyment from his side of things. Something that fans have wanted to see for a while is Shotty Shane himself making music that he enjoys making, because that is when he is at his best, and that is what this feels like from start to finish.

We all know that Digga D is a big 50 Cent fan, and that is evident on this project with not one but two 50 Cent samples on 'Hold It Down' and 'Pump 101' which sample 50 Cent's '21 Questions' and G-Unit's 'Stunt 101' respectively. 'Hold It Down' has a really good vibe to it, and that iconic sample cuts through well as Digga D raps and asks his rendition of 50 Cent's 21 questions.

This project has a number of interesting features on it including a stand-out American collaboration with 'G Lock' featuring Moneybagg Yo, because I really appreciate both rapper's delivery over the selected beat for that track, as I feel it works well with their respective styles making this drop seem like a very well thought out collaboration that came together really well.
The project really shows a different side to Digga D at times, especially on tracks like 'Addicted' where he showcases a very honest side of himself, with a melodic vocal performance of which we haven't really heard from the rapper before.
Every now and again when a project is released there are certain songs you hear and you can picture how the live performance will go and you believe it will go off. 'Stuck In The Mud' is one of those tracks that when you hear that instrumental and the way Digga D comes in, you can picture the scenes at a live show, with the crowd going crazy. The same goes for 'Pump 101', because that has already become a fan favourite, particularly with that already mentioned 50 Cent sample and the catchy chorus.
One collaboration towards the end of the project that immediately caught my attention is on 'Why', which features fellow Ladbroke Grove rapper AJ Tracey. Following on from the success of their previous collaboration on 'Bringing It Back', we know this is a duo that sound good together on a track, and this is no different. With AJ providing the hook - which he does so well - along with a fire verse, and Digga D providing us with something slightly different from himself on this track with a more vocal focused performance, with a slight touch of autotune but in no means overdoing it, this track sounds so good, especially placed where it is towards the end of the project.
Make sure you go and support Digga D with this one, the project is available to buy and stream across all major digital outlets including Spotify and Apple Music.