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Murkage Dave Offers Up New Visuals For 'World I Want To Live In'

Murkage Dave Offers Up New Visuals For 'World I Want To Live In'

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 15th April 2022

Singer-songwriter Murkage Dave is here with a brand new track detailing a better place in 'World I Want To Live In'.

Offering up a message of empathy, ‘World I Want To Live In’ focuses on the importance of being able to put ourselves in each other’s shoes. Produced by Manchester outfit AARRT, the song also explores the dark nature of social media and discusses the negative repercussions from being over exposed and over stimulated. Gospel legend Nicky Brown brings a Pentecostal energy to the record with a trademark organ performance as well which really adds and gives the track a unique sort of sound to it.

Speaking on the track himself, Murkage Dave says: “I wanted to find a way to encourage empathy between different people fighting for different causes. If things are gonna get better we all need to help each other out. I also explored the paranoia that social media can place on you. I'm only ever a few clicks away from someone who thinks i'm subhuman, on social media these people are faceless, so it creates this subconscious fear when you're out in the street. Who are these people?

The music video for this track shows Dave at the centre surrounded by strangers with unfamiliar faces who’s eyes all tell their own short story. The subtle choreography gives a sense of unity through movement whilst all the characters remain totally separate.

You can watch the incredible music video for 'World I Want To Live In' right now, really take this one in as the message behind it and the way it is portrayed really is amazing.