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Lippy Reacts To The Tinder Swindler In New 'Hype Reacts' Episode

Lippy Reacts To The Tinder Swindler In New 'Hype Reacts' Episode

Author: Tevyn J | Saturday 16th April 2022

One of your favourite controversial cultural commentator, Lippy Lickshot returns to the yellow sofa in a brand new episode of his Just Hype show 'Hype Reacts'.

Following the release of the Tinder Swindler documentary on Netflix, there’s been a lot of outrage and discussion on what went down via social media and almost everywhere else worldwide. 'Hype Reacts' usually sees Lippy react to all of the hot topics online so you already know we had to hear from him on this subject at some point.

Lippy opens up the discussion by drawing a line in the sand, naming the Tinder Swindler a legend and declaring that he "rates" the main subject of the Tinder Swindler, despite the outrage he's faced from a majority of women following the very controversial documentary. Lickshot expounds on why he has an affinity for the man with many names regardless of all the perceived moral wrongs as he shares his belief that the swindler quite simply flipped the game on its head via a circle of lies that the women couldn't see through.

Though his other views on the matter may seem a little controversial, Lippy does make it clear tha he believes the women in the documentary are victims. Dispite the above, Lippy definitely backs his points up quite well, even though he expressed them with a lot of embedded satire and comical anecdotes here and there; he sentiment of his argumenta aren’t lost with the delivery.

Watch the latest episode of 'Hype Reacts' with Lippy Lickshot above and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the episode and on the Tinder Swindler in the comment section below.

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