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Jordy Delivers 'Enemies' Visuals & Announces New 'KMT' EP

Jordy Delivers 'Enemies' Visuals & Announces New 'KMT' EP

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 6th May 2022

Jordy is back with another banger in the form of his track with accompanying visuals 'Enemies' and makes an announcement about his upcoming project 'KMT'.

Jordy is back with honest new track 'Enemies' along with an announcement that he will be dropping his next project in the form of 'KMT' - a 6-track EP - which lands on 25th May. Following up from his previous project 'SMH' this is the first track to drop from his upcoming project and lyrically he displays his prowess throughout, effortlessly discussing the highs and lows of his life both in and out of the music scene and challenging clout culture. Whilst the emotive sample and percussion encourage you to nod along, the expert-level wordplay switches between hostility and playfulness, providing an enjoyable contrast.

The visuals for this track - directed by Jojo Mukeza - are set in Jordy's happy place (the studio) surrounded by his family members Elt Cheekz, Jojo Mukeza and Daniel Miles. This ties into the theme of the track because these are people that Jordy trusts in as family, as opposed to those that are potentially fake friends just around for the clout.

Speaking on 'Enemies' Jordy said: “Enemies is what it says on the tin, it's a common theme throughout the upcoming project - the modern-day warfare of fake friends. The track is an insight into my outlook of having authentic people in my corner, it also captures the thoughts and challenges of new people trying to enter my space and circle.”

The music video for 'Enemies' is out now, go and check it out and make sure you set your reminders for 25th May when Jordy's new project 'KMT' is released.