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Young6ix Teams Up With Namz For Staunch Release 'Spin It'

Young6ix Teams Up With Namz For Staunch Release 'Spin It'

Author: Chloe Mykel | Sunday 2nd October 2022

Young6ix Teams Up With Namz For Staunch Release 'Spin It' Photograph

For the latest edition of 1994 Collective's bi-weekly release radar 'Listen Up', we caught up with Young6ix to find out more about his musical journey so far, becoming a father and more...

You recently released your new single ‘Spin It’ featuring Namz of Section60 what has the reception been since it dropped?

It’s been lit, the people are rocking with it and the stations too - so shout out everyone and keep running it all the way up!

How do you measure the success of a release in this digital age that we live in?

I don’t think there’s a measure for success but as long you’re making the music you like and your core audience are messing with it then I think you’ve succeeded.

With the new project on the way, what’s the vision or story behind this body of work?

To be honest, this is my life past and present and I’ve expressed the best way possible through my music. The project is pretty much me at a crossroads in life - 'music' or 'road' and all the b******* that comes with it .

Tell us about the collaborative culture amongst artists in Australia…do people openly express the desire to work with others or do they prefer to stick to working with those in their own camps?

The Australian market is still very young and also still very small. When it comes to collaborations, for me it’s more than jumping on a song with just anyone. It’s gotta be organic and not forced - so I just stick to my camp because that’s family! We got so much talent in the 27 district.

I wanted to say a huge congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Has fatherhood changed how you view your music career at all?
Thank you, I appreciate it. Yeah my baby girl is my life, and since I knew she was coming it gave me a an even bigger reason to make this happen.

Do you feel there is a weighty responsibility on you personally to take Drill/Rap music from Australia across the globe?

To be honest, I think that pressure of taking Australian Drill/Rap worldwide is something that helps me to thrive. Myself and my team have a big vision to take this global, and there’s so many more artists from our district that will be flying that flag high with me. ONEFOUR did it, and that made us know that we can take it even further!

Do you see yourself branching out into other music genres soon?

Yeah of course! I don’t just do Drill, I have a whole bunch of other songs which are different to what people are used to hearing from me. I go all the way from Melodic Rap to Afrobeats/Afroswing - that’s a lot of versatility in the vault and on the tape. You just gotta wait to hear it!

Your recent collaboration with HoodRich and JD Sports was a dope look for everyone involved! Is there more to come from you with regards to brand collaborations?

JD and HoodRich is family and we gon' keep rocking together!

Lastly, what is the legacy that you wish to build as Young6ix?
I hope to inspire kids like myself and show them that it is possible - show them that hard work and dedication can give us a way out of our environment and open doors for everyone around us, too.

Check out the visuals for 'Spin It' featuring Namz below!

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