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Grime Originals Team Up With Big Narstie, LV General, Sharky Major & Rippz On 'Baddest'

Grime Originals Team Up With Big Narstie, LV General, Sharky Major & Rippz On 'Baddest'

Author: Tom Dingley | Monday 3rd October 2022

Grime Originals are back with a new drop as they link up with Big Narstie, LV General, Sharky Major and Rippz on brand new single 'Baddest'.

Produced by ZimZima, 'Baddest' offers a fresh and vibrant tone, accentuated by a skippy flute riff, skittering high-hats and the mellow chords of a harp. Straight from the introduction the feeling is that this track is an instant head turner that stands out. Add in a bouncing hook, reload worthy bars and a high level of delivery from the all-star line-up and the result is a track that cuts perfectly into the current soundsphere with hints of nostalgia to take Grime fans right back, and Grime fans, whether they are new fans or have been locked in from way back will enjoy the way this one is sounding.

Speaking about the track, Sharky Major said “'Baddest' is the first instalment from the forthcoming Grime Originals Album (vol.1) and I felt it was important to show the levels and vibes that you will find on the album from as early as possible." He goes on to add that "Grime offers many variations, captures many frustrations, emotions and makes many statements, plus it has been consistent in offering big tunes and it’s safe to say that ‘Baddest’ is yet another one. Calling upon the don Big Narstie, YouTube and social media comedian LV General & my good friend Rippz, each artist (including myself), brought something different to the riddim to keep you dancing from start to finish. This is one for pure enjoyment, no screw faces for this one!

The music video for 'Baddest' is out now so check it out below