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Russ Millions Links Up With Krept & Konan On 'Pisces'

Russ Millions Links Up With Krept & Konan On 'Pisces'

Author: Tom Dingley | Thursday 6th October 2022

Russ is back to deliver fans a brand new banger 'Pisces' which features iconic UK hitmakers Krept & Konan.

Russ Millions has done it again and delivered fans and absolute banger in the form of his new track 'Pisces'. Featuring UK hitmakers Krept & Konan, this track epitomises what Russ is all about - making good, incredibly catchy music that is going to be stuck in your head whilst still flexing and talking on what he is known for.

Produced by JSH and Saint Cairo, the track has a hard-hitting beat which suits Russ's flow style and tone of delivery down to the ground. With a slightly eerie feel to it, a heavy bassline and 808's that cut through perfectly, the production is exactly what Russ fans are familiar with - and we know Krept & Konan can slide on any type of beat.

Following Russ's verse, Krept takes over and effortlessly flows over the beat, and delivers some hard bars - something he has shown over and over again throughout his career - for example "It's RIP when a young boy chef, put your boat on a tee just like Cortez" (boat is short for boat race which means face in cockney rhyming slang).

Again, Konan comes in after Krept and simply does what he has done throughout his career and delivers a hard verse with bars like "The things that we've got for a Stranger will turn your world upside down" and again, flows so smoothly over the beat like it is nothing.

As a collaboration, Russ and Krept & Konan have shown that they work so well together, especially over this chosen beat and the track is incredibly catchy, with everything from bars, to flows, to some hard statements from each artist, everything you would want from a collaboration of this calibre is there.

Check out the music video for 'Pisces' below: