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Youngs Teflon Drops Heat In His New 'Daily Duppy'

Youngs Teflon Drops Heat In His New 'Daily Duppy'

Author: Tom Dingley | Thursday 6th October 2022

Youngs Teflon stands in front of the yellow and black background as he takes centre stage for his latest 'Daily Duppy' freestyle.

South London rapper Youngs Teflon takes the mic as he goes in on his latest 'Daily Duppy' freestyle. Spitting over two different beats, Youngs Teflon showcases why he has some of the best wordplay in the game.

Over the first beat - with the help of the visuals the freestyle comes to life as Teflon paints a specific picture with his words and does it in a way which not just any rapper can do. Youngs Teflon uses his words to paint the picture he wants to paint about his surroundings and the things that he has seen. For example he says "couple fans still asking when I'm gonna blow, but if you know where I'm from I already made it" which addresses claims that he still hasn't made it but knowing where he came from and what he has been through, in his eyes he has made it.

Over the second beat he showcases yet again the level of wordplay and talent that he possesses as he continues to paint the picture of his come up and where he has come from. Opening up on this freestyle and talking about his environment, new fans will really get an idea of who Youngs Teflon is from this freestyle and should definitely delve further into his catalogue of music as he really is a top talent in the game.

Watch Youngs Teflon's 'Daily Duppy' below: