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Ambush Returns With Brand New visuals for 'Thug Life'

Ambush Returns With Brand New visuals for 'Thug Life'

Author: Tom Dingley | Thursday 6th October 2022

Camden North West London based rapper Ambush is back with a brand new track for his fans as he drops off a fresh set of visuals to 'Thug Life'.

Ambush makes his return with a brand new track titled 'Thug Life' and as always he brings that high energy vibe we're used to in his delivery and in the music video for this one. With his unique tone of voice, his flows and energetic way in which he raps, fans have been awaiting new music from Ambush, with his last project not being dropped since the release of 'Ask My Brother' in 2020.

Opening with the sounds of 2Pac talking about what he meant by 'Thug Life' in an old interview, the song is nicely introduced. Produced by Sangy, the beat has that signature drill bassline in the background, some beautiful vocals that cut through into the background of the track so nicely, and allow the space for Ambush to do his thing and do it exactly how he wants - and that is what Ambush and his fans will have wanted from the return track.

Check out the high energy visuals for this high energy track below, and keep youe eye out for more from Ambush, he sounds like he is back to make a statement and pick up from where he left off.